Men's Group


Want to know more about men's ministries?

 Pastor Gino Bryant 757-759-6957

Men striving to be Godly…..





Helping each other overcome..







Events  for Men’s Ministry

Men’s ministry meeting on the second Tuesday of the month at 7pm. Meeting place is FGWC. 


What do we do?

  • Support Widows and Seniors

  • Cook Mother’s Day Luncheon

  • Father Child Outing

  • Men’s retreat

  • Food box outreach

  • Outreach to widow’s

  • Visit and pray for the sick


    Men’s Ministry is available to do special need projects.  

A Godly Man knows…

  • He needs God’s help
  • Risks are involved in manhood
  • Who God is
  • God’s power is unlimited
  • How to get ahold of God



A Godly Man is…

  • Confident in God
  • Full of wisdom
  • Willing to be a servant
  • Willing to fight against all odds
  • Chasing God’s heart
  • Holding up brothers in prayer

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The Sampson Syndrome

Why Strong Men Fail

Judges 13:5

  • Disregard Boundaries        
  • Struggle w/ Lust
  • Ignore Good Advice
  • Lack Discernment
  • Take Foolish Risks
  • Loss of Vision
  • Wrong priorities
  • Use our strength at the wrong time. 
  • Presumptuous - Not protecting our covenant with God.
  • Not recovering from wrong teaching. 
  • He kept doing immature things even into adulthood.  
  • Enamored with his own wits. 
  • He didn’t make long term goals. 
  • Let things go undealt with for long periods of time. 
  • Manipulated things to look better than they really were.  
  • Not valuing God’s gifts to us. 
  • Waited on others to handle what he should have handled.   
  • Got involved in trivial communication with the enemy.
  • He was willing to compromise God’s word.
Learn to listen!

​Men have a tendency to answer quick and jump to conclusions. 

If we learn to listen we will have an effective skill for life. 

When you are in a conversation be in the now 100%.

Your family, your boss, your friend, your child, your spouse, your whoever needs you to hear them. 

When you listen, listen for pain that you can heal.

Listen for a problem you can solve.

Listen for faith you can agree with.

Listen for honor.

Listen for rebellion you can point out gently so they can repent.

Listen for frustration. Maybe you can give a different perspective.

Listen for hope. Listen for what inspires the person.

Listen for where they are needing instruction.

Listen for wisdom you can glean.

Listen for instruction you can obtain.

Listen to understand.