Welcome Ladies! 




Women are taking on more responsibility every day!  From family, work, serving in church, to volunteering in the community, women are involved.  We are a ministry that provides authentic relationships and support for women who love God and desire to have friends who love God the same way.  This ministry is where your will be reminded of God’s love for you, God’s hope available for you, and healing from God who created you! 


This ministry is concerned about:

  •  Your Spiritual growth


  • Your physical health


  • Your strength to continue on. 


  • Your understanding of God’s love!


  • Your success in finances! 

  • Your success as a wife. 

  • Your success as a mother.

  • Your success as a caregiver. 

  • Your struggles in life! 

Don’t live life alone!  We are here! 

ladies ministries